Marketing Your Business

We lead and manage high performance sales, marketing, merchandising and tactical teams on behalf of major bluechip manufacturers, brands and major retail multiple groups.

Superior delivery and execution are key - therefore we go the extra mile in completing the tasks we undertake. We pay particular attention to detail, reporting and evaluation. We work with commitment and enthusiasm and focus on what's important - delivering excellence in the services we provide. Our aim through the fulfilment of customer needs is crucial to our clients' success.

We use marketing strategies that are obvious such as magazine adverts, radio announcements and anything else you see on a daily basis but we also work with subliminal marketing techniques.

When your business logo is on everyday items people may not realise they are noticing it but subconsciously they will remember it and begin to associate it with your product or service.

Go to and create phone cases with your brand on for all your employees and see how much your sales increase. By having your brand and logo on display in more areas, your business is reaching a wider range of potential clients.

We provide Experienced and highly trained;

  • account management
  • venue management
  • field sales management
  • sale people
  • head office support teams
  • advertising and recruitment
  • full training and development programmes
  • territory management
  • data processing and business reporting
  • tailored and bespoke IT/IS systems
  • telesales functions
  • compliance checking