Call centre recruitment

A lot of companies outsource their recruitment requirements to a call centre. This is a very effective way of dealing with the busy process of recruitment. It can require a lot of documentation and many questions which need to be dealt with. If it can be avoided within the company, that is ideal. Also, this solution works out more cost-effective than hiring a specific recruitment team or someone within the Human Resources department to be in charge of recruitment.

How do they hire?

Employees in a call centre will often have a number of stock questions which they use to ask a potential candidate. These questions will often relate to employment history, their ambitions, their strengths and weaknesses, and what they feel they can bring to a role. However, this is just a blueprint and any company outsourcing to a call centre is generally invited to provide the sorts of questions they want asked.

What industries to call centres recruit for?

Call centres recruit for any and every industry – including domestic services, shop assistants, content writers, administrators and plenty more. In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for people within the personal training industry. Many call centres have spoken to people who have done personal training courses in order to improve their credentials within the fitness industry.